Toddler - Tesorini Room

The first few years of your child’s life have flown so quickly! But the exciting journey continues as they grow and absorb every moment. The toddler stage is a wonderful opportunity for your child to explore the world around them and indulge their curiosity.

  • AQ Adaptability
    & Resilience

    AQ: Adaptability and Resilience

    Adaptability, resilience and negotiation skills are fundamentally built on children having secure attachments throughout their early learning.

  • EQ Emotional

    EQ: Emotional Wellbeing

    Relationships are the key to a happy life so we equip your child to develop meaningful relationships.

  • SQ Social &

    SQ: Social and Community

    It takes a village to raise a child. We inspire your child to develop a love for life and community.

  • IQ School

    IQ: School Readiness

    STEAM Education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning and is deeply interwoven into our program to ensure school readiness.

Tesorini means ‘Treasures’ in Italian. Our toddler room offers a stimulating and safe environment for our busy and curious toddlers. The active life of a toddler sees your child becoming more independent and increasingly interested in the world around them.

Not only can they walk but they are now running, jumping and throwing balls. Your toddler will enjoy playing with blocks and will begin to build towers, and they will enjoy drawing and painting. They will start to develop self-help skills such as beginning to dress and undress themselves, eat more independently, use utensils such as tongs for serving food and begin using the toilet for toilet training.

Children in this room are also broadening their vocabulary and extending on their communication abilities.

Our dedicated team supports the child’s primary language at home and believe that it is important for children to learn to speak in it.

Let us be part of your toddler’s early learning to provide quality care and education.

Your child is looking at their world with awe. They’re bursting with excitement as they discover and explore their surroundings. We know this is a wonderful time to drive your toddler’s natural curiosity and we provide a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment that encourages their sense of discovery.

To inspire young minds, we invite your child to play with purpose, alongside their peers. Our qualified educators feed their curiosity by encouraging them to experiment with the world around them.

Trial and error are key at this age. At Bambini, toddlers learn to engage and communicate with others with the support of our knowledgeable educators.

Sensitive and expressive interactions between adults and children are a safe and healthy way for toddlers to achieve key communication skills.

Our dedicated team commits time with each child to work through experiences and emotions that may be new for your toddler.

Promoting play-based learning

At every step along the way, we are fostering your child’s learning and development with play-based learning. We initiate sensory and explorative play to provide rich opportunities for learning. Our programs encourage a passion for learning, play and your child’s surrounding community. Examples of experiences your toddler can expect include personal growth development with yoga, mindfulness, learning independence such as serving their own food, toilet training and playing with mixed age groups to broaden their communication skills and vocabulary.

Play-based learning programs provide engaging experiences for toddlers that elevate body awareness, such as dancing to music, climbing, running, jumping and ball games. Through play, your child learns more about themselves, their place in the world, and elevates their social, language, physical and creative thinking skills. Learn more about our play-based programs like Learning Italian, Friends of the Bush and Munch and Move here.

We are committed to building leaders of tomorrow. And to do this, we equip your toddler with self-help skills, like learning how to run or develop a new language skill.

From the moment toddlers start at Bambini, we inspire them to be curious, playful, courageous and resilient as they learn how to navigate new challenges.

We see each moment of your toddler’s life as an opportunity to feed their curiosity and develop a creative, articulate and independent citizen ready for life.

When we say we’re passionate about inspiring young minds, we really mean it.

Sleep routines

Sleep is such an important part of your baby’s growth and development. We know what a huge difference a good bedtime routine makes. Developing good sleep habits is beneficial for your baby now and into their future.

Every toddler is unique and we partner with families to learn about your toddler’s sleep schedule and implement this into their routine at Bambini Early Learning.

Food groups and meal times

“But we must not forget that one of the most important links between people and food is the principle of pleasure; the pleasure that derives from using the senses but also the pleasure of discovery, the pleasure of manipulating raw materials to create foods, the pleasure of play and the pleasure of company, which at the table becomes conviviality.” ~ Excerpt from Reggio Children publication ‘The Languages of Food recipes, experiences, thoughts’ by Reggio Children

Food is one of life’s greatest joys. Our Dining Atelier is a beautiful alfresco-style dining area where children and educators eat together like one family. “It’s the experience of food, rather than the feeding of children.”

Your toddler has a wide world of discovery to taste, feel and smell new foods.

We partner with you and your toddler to support their diet now and as they continue to grow. We sit down with you and establish your child’s feeding times, what food groups they are currently eating or any allergies they may have. From purees to finger foods, our kitchen provides a wide range of foods that best suit your toddler’s needs. For your child’s health and wellbeing, we have a multicultural menu in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Your toddler’s safety is of the utmost importance to us. We take great care to avoid any risks relating to allergies, intolerances and anaphylaxis. We’re also happy to provide milk once your toddler is ready to drink cow’s milk.

Toddler Curriculum

At Bambini Early Learning, we are passionate about inspiring young minds. It’s what we do best.

We provide an innovative and nurturing early learning environment that is academically excellent, developmentally responsive and socially equitable. We embrace our unique approach and are committed to inspiring young children to be resilient, adaptable, emotionally intelligent and articulate.

Our Bambini Curriculum supports your toddler’s language, cognitive, physical, social, emotional and creative development and is rich in key learning areas for their future, like maths, literacy, science, music and the creative arts.

Our Bambini Curriculum enhances your toddler’s development through:

  • Talking and listening
  • Communicating, interacting, reading and thinking
  • Developing a routine
  • Developing gross motor and self-help skills
  • Building social, emotional, problem-solving and cognitive skills.

In everything we do, our educators seek to understand your toddler’s interests, strengths, experiences and challenges. These are the foundations of their tailored program. We unpack your toddler’s unique learning goals and build a personalised early learning program for them, which encourages your toddler’s excitement for early learning.

We take special care at Bambini Early Learning by creating an environment that nurtures and encourages your toddler’s curiosity to be leaders of the future. We are with you and your toddler every step of the way as the trusted leaders in early childhood care and education.

Enquire about our application process and learn how we can support your toddler’s early learning.

“The best education does not happen at a desk, but rather engaged in everyday living.”

- Vince Gowmon

Here’s what parents
have to say

Otis has been part of the Bambini family for three years. It is very evident the time and love the staff put into the interactions with the kids, including the way they’re greeted by name by all the team and the love our little boy has for his teachers. We love hearing the adventures of his day when Otis gets home.


We have been part of the Bambini family for over six years and are about to see our third and fourth children join the fun, while the other two head to big school! I cannot speak highly enough of the positive and fun play-based educational experiences our children have enjoyed over the years. All the staff show genuine love and kindness to the children and have unremitting enthusiasm when it comes to craft, creativity, crazy singing and dancing, gardening and outdoor play.


Our children have been lucky enough to attend Bambini for the last three years, and over this time we have watched them grow into happy pre-schoolers, engaged in learning and socially confident – ready to take on the world! Their caring and qualified staff care deeply for each individual child, they follow their interests and find exciting learning opportunities at every turn. Our children have forged friendships and strong bonds with their carers.


We have had such a wonderful, positive experience at Bambini. The staff and educators are always so friendly and go out of their way to help in any way they can. The educators have developed thoughtful and appropriate learning experiences for the children and our son has loved being part of the various incursions and special events.


We have been associated with Bambini since it opened its doors in 2008. The warm and engaging manner of the Director and staff on our first day set the tone for the next eight years. The staff are passionate and engaged with a clear interest in every child, and the centre is always orderly and clean amidst the colour and fun that goes on every day.


As working parents, Bambini has become an extension of our son’s day-to-day life. The educators provide fun, learning and cuddles in equal measure, and his development is thriving in this nurturing and trusted environment.


Both of my children have been in the care of the fantastic staff at Bambini, led by Anmol. It is a tough thing for any parent to leave their babies with someone else to care for them, but I can honestly say that Bambini is a great, safe and happy environment that has really helped shape both my boys in a positive manner. They have built lifelong friendships over the last seven years that we have been part of the Bambini family.


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