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“Let the child be the scriptwriter, the director and the actor in his own play.” ~ Magda Gerber

Lady talking to little kids on the bush

Friends of the Bush

Our Friends of the Bush program is a great way to demonstrate to children that they can be active citizens of the community. The Friends of the Bush program is an opportunity for the children to learn how they can help build and protect the habitat for native wildlife, as well as gain on-ground skills such as identifying native flora and fauna.

Our educators implement child-friendly and age-appropriate activities such as planting a variety of trees and identifying traditional Aboriginal ‘bush tucker’.

Italy and Australia flags

Friends Across the Seas

At Bambini Early Learning, we are proud to implement a virtual pen-pal program for the children.

Our Friends Across the Seas program is a wonderful opportunity for the children to share their stories and develop new friendships with other children in different parts of the world, including Italy.

The program also promotes key skills such as reciprocation, empathy and mutual concern.

Three kids holding soil with their teacher

Sustainability Program

We believe sustainability in early learning is an important part of the Bambini Curriculum and we strive to incorporate it into each and every setting. Creating natural environments is essential in inspiring children to live in harmony with the Earth and foster a love for our planet.

Our Sustainability Program includes a worm farm, a bush tucker garden and a veggie patch for the children to engage with. We also teach the children lifelong skills, including how to compost and recycle.

Our Sustainability Program includes hosting a public collection centre for Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs.

We collect bread tags from our local community and inspire a love for the environment and how to reuse materials. The tags are recycled locally, raising funds to buy wheelchairs for disadvantaged people in South Africa.

Teacher teaching kids Italian language

Italian Language Program

Did you know that a child’s brain is primed for language learning in their first few years of life? Our Italian Language Program is developed and designed for babies, toddlers and preschool children.

This program is integrated into our wider Bambini Curriculum to support learning concepts including literacy, numeracy, creativity, problem-solving and verbal skills.

Woman teaching kids arts

Bambini Atelier Art Studio

The atelier is a space for research for children and teachers, and for listening as children explore the possibilities presented by different materials with which to communicate their thoughts and feelings.” (Gandini, 2005).

From the child’s lens ‘Our Atelier’ is a place for children to be themselves. It is a place where their ‘100 languages’ is valued, honoured and nurtured. They are encouraged to express this through drawings, sculpting, writing and painting.

It is a space where thinking is provoked, conversations and wonderings encouraged and masterpieces created from the sparking artistry of each and every child.

At Bambini Early Learning, the children are viewed as confident, capable and resilient; children who have a voice and ‘100 languages’ to speak. Children use the atelier as they see fit, packing and unpacking what they require. This is their space and the educators trust the children, trust the process and watch the magic unfold.

Further exploring the combination of visual art, music and emotions, the pre-schoolers listen to different styles of music. It is amazing to see how concentrated children are on their art making. Fast tempo often encourages fast mark making or dotting, calm music results in calm colour choices and stroking.

The art studio is a wonderful opportunity for the early years as it can stimulate and help with fine motor skill development, appreciation of numeracy and acceleration of brain development, as well as reducing stress and increasing self-esteem.

Woman teaching kids yoga and meditation

Wellbeing Program

We understand that a child’s social and emotional wellbeing is integral to their overall health, development and early learning. Children with high levels of social and emotional wellbeing are more likely to successfully negotiate physical, intellectual and social challenges during childhood and adolescence.

Our educators regularly encourage the children to sit down, relax and identify their surroundings. Through yoga, meditation and mindfulness, we inspire our children to live and experience each moment.

Children doing activity program

Munch & Move Program

Physical confidence and an active lifestyle are important to every child’s self-esteem and wellbeing. Our Munch & Move Program is a NSW Health initiative that helps children learn important gross motor skills and a love of physical activity. Through our program, children improve their hand-eye coordination, balance, flexibility, fitness, motor planning and body awareness.

The program also promotes good nutrition as a key focus. Our educators include simple and fun discussions about eating well and giving our bodies good fuel. We believe in promoting healthy eating habits and good nutrition to contribute to children’s long-term health and wellbeing.

Incursions and Excursions

Throughout the year, our educators take the children on exciting incursions such as Bollywood dancing, Kindifarm, Animals of the Dreaming from Taronga Zoo and excursions to observe the world around them and develop lifelong skills. We take the children on excursions to art galleries, as well as local areas and community services such as Woolworths – where behind the scenes operations are explained in regards to fresh fruit and veges – the fire station, nursing homes and bush care.



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