Early Learning Careers at Bambini

At Bambini Early Learning, we are passionate about inspiring young minds. As we build resilient, articulate and creative leaders of tomorrow, we know the importance of finding the perfect childhood educator to join our diverse, vibrant and highly skilled team.

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From little things, big things grow

From humble beginnings with a handful of staff, Bambini Early Learning has grown to become an award winning early learning childhood centre. Our highly qualified and dedicated educators provide exceptional care and tailored early learning programs to help engage young minds from six weeks to six years.

We are extremely proud of our team and the engagement, care and dedication they deliver to each and every child at our early learning centre every single day. We believe in equipping young minds with the skills they need to be role models of the future, and we do this by leading with excellence.

The culture within our fantastic team has been built around passionate, professional and dedicated educators who work in harmony to create an innovative, engaging and fun team. It is the strength and commitment of our team that helps to differentiate us from other early learning childhood centres.

Life at Bambini

Life at Bambini Early Learning is all about learning from one another, collaboration and innovation. But, above all, it’s one that embraces our people. We’re passionate about helping others unleash their full potential – whether you’re a childhood educator or one of our children at the early learning centre. This is our commitment to one another.

Our philosophy is to provide an innovative and nurturing early learning environment that is academically excellent, developmentally responsive and socially equitable. With our team’s wealth of experience and expertise, it’s our dedication to inspiring young minds that really drives us every day.

We always go the extra mile to provide exciting and innovative opportunities for growth, learning and professional development.

Our work culture and philosophy are what truly set Bambini Early Learning apart from the rest and it’s how we maintain our reputation as award winning early childhood educators and leaders.

Our values

Bambini Early Learning was founded on the principle to inspire young minds; a passion that our people live every day.

Our values are held close to our hearts:

Inspiring young minds – we strive to live this day by day. We are passionate about inspiring young minds. It is deeply ingrained in everything we do.

Strong partnerships – we’re better together… and with the strong support of families and community groups, we can achieve the best results for every single child.

Inclusiveness – we provide an environment that is rich in open-ended learning and inclusive learning experiences between the children, educators and parents.

Excellence – we walk your child through every step of their early learning journey. From their early years right through to ‘big school’, we equip them with the skills they need for tomorrow and beyond.

Our relationships with the families and children who attend our early learning centre are funded on these values. It is the strength of our values and culture that differentiates us.

Enquire on our website to learn more about the current opportunities to join the Bambini Early Learning team and set your early learning career on an upward trajectory.

The Bambini Early Learning Programs

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(0-2 years)

We partner with families to follow your baby’s routine and help create a loving and warm environment.

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(3-4 years)

We are committed to creating an engaging environment as your little one embraces a love of learning.

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(2-3 years)

Our passionate team is dedicated to helping your child develop the confidence they need for life.

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(4-6 years)

We offer a holistic learning approach that gives your child the best chance at thriving at big school and beyond.

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