Bambini's Childcare Rating

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.” ~ William Arthur Ward

As an award winning early learning childcare centre, we are committed to complying with the Education and Care Services National Law.

Under the National Quality Standard (NQS), Bambini Early Learning is proud to have been rated ‘Exceeding’ across all 58 elements in all seven areas.

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The assessor’s overall summary comments

“Your service is commended on its achievements in providing quality outcomes for children. In particular, careful planning, reflective practice and willingness to collaborate with families and other community organisations to enhance children’s learning and wellbeing demonstrate the commitment to quality by educators at your service. It is recommended that management and educators continue to reflect on current practice to maintain the quality outcomes evident during this assessment and rating process.”

Award winning early childcare centre

Bambini of Lilyfield recognises the importance of early learning and acknowledges the professionals who dedicate their time for the benefit of children. We are the proud winners of:

  • 2021 – FINALISTS in 13 categories – Awards will be held in March 2022
  • 2018 – Best Program Highlighting National Quality Standards
  • 2018 – Best Program Children Communicating Ideas through Play
  • 2017 – Best Program Highlighting National Quality Standards
  • 2017 – Best Program Highlighting EYLF Elements
  • 2017 – Children Are Effective Communicators
  • 2017 – Children Have a Strong Sense of Identity
  • 2013 – Best Overall NSW Metropolitan Childcare Week Program
  • 2011 – Best Overall Childcare Week Program
  • 2011 – Best Program Illustrating Children’s Health and Safety
  • 2010 – Best Overall Childcare Week Program
  • 2010 – Best Childcare Week Program Involving Families

Inspire a love for learning

We are passionate about creating resilient, adaptable and articulate leaders of tomorrow. Your child’s early learning is our passion.

Enquire about our application process and learn how we can support your child’s early learning.

The Bambini Early Learning Programs

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(0-2 years)

We partner with families to follow your baby’s routine and help create a loving and warm environment.

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(3-4 years)

We are committed to creating an engaging environment as your little one embraces a love of learning.

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(2-3 years)

Our passionate team is dedicated to helping your child develop the confidence they need for life.

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(4-6 years)

We offer a holistic learning approach that gives your child the best chance at thriving at big school and beyond.

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