Refer a friend

Receive a $200 credit towards your Bambini Early Learning Childcare fees.

At Bambini Learning Centre, we believe in sharing our talent for inspiring young minds and igniting children’s passion for learning, and so does our community.

Many have spread the word about our values of strong partnerships, inclusiveness and excellence with friends and family, so to show our gratitude, we are introducing our Refer a Friend program.

By referring a friend to the Bambini Early Learning Centre, you will receive $200 credit towards your fees. Your account will be credited when the joining family has registered for a minimum of two days per week and continues their enrolment for a minimum of four weeks.

Two litle kids going to school together

How to refer and redeem:

1. Tell your friends

Share your wonderful experiences of Bambini Early Learning & Preschool Centre with your friends and family. Make sure you tell them about this offer as they will need to mention your name.

2. Get in touch

Have your friends and family get in touch with our team to start the enrolment process.

3. Receive your $200 credit

We will credit your account, as per our Terms and Conditions.

It’s that simple! Once your name is validated and this offer is mentioned, the credit will be applied, as per our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

1. This Refer a Friend offer is only available to parents with a child enrolled at Bambini Early Learning Centre.
2. This offer is not available to employees or relatives of any employee of Bambini Early Learning Centre.
3. The new enrolment must be for a minimum of two days per week, must remain at a minimum of two days per week at all times until the qualifying date.
4. A $200 credit will be applied to your Bambini Early Learning Centre account after the qualifying date, and Bambini Early Learning Centre will use best endeavours to apply for this credit no later than the 15th of the month following the qualifying date.
5. A credit will not be applied to your child’s enrolment if the new child’s enrolment is cancelled for any reason on or before the qualifying date or Bambini Early Learning Centre receives a notice to terminate your child’s or the new child’s enrolment and that notice was provided on or before the qualifying date.
6. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other Bambini Early Learning Centre offer.
7. Offer only applies to new families who are not currently enrolled at a Bambini Early Learning Centre or have had an enrolment in the previous six months.
8. This offer is not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
9. Bambini Early Learning Centre reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time without notice.

In this special offer, the following definitions apply:

  • New child means a friend’s child enrolled at your recommendation at a Bambini Early Learning centre for a minimum standard enrolment of two days per week.
  • New commencing date means the date that the new child starts at a Bambini Early Learning Centre.
  • Qualifying date is four weeks after the new commencing date.
  • These special offer terms are supplementary to Bambini Early Learning & Preschool’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Waitlist and Enrolment which apply in full at all times.
  • Unless defined above, all words used in these special offer terms have the meaning given in Bambini Early Learning & Preschool Standard Terms and Conditions of Waitlist and Enrolment.

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