Preschool - Felice Room

  • AQ Adaptability
    & Resilience

    AQ: Adaptability and Resilience

    Adaptability, resilience and negotiation skills are fundamentally built on children having secure attachments throughout their early learning.

  • EQ Emotional

    EQ: Emotional Wellbeing

    Relationships are the key to a happy life, so we equip your child to develop meaningful relationships.

  • SQ Social &

    SQ: Social and Community

    It takes a village to raise a child. We inspire your child to develop a love for life and community.

  • IQ School

    IQ: School Readiness

    STEAM Education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning and is deeply interwoven into our program to ensure school readiness.

Felice means ‘happy’ in Italian. Our Felice Room offers an exciting environment for our children the year before they venture to the older pre-kindergarten room. Normally children are between the ages of 3 years – 4 years in this room, however each year the range of ages may be different due to the ages of the cohort in that particular year.

Preschool is such a fun age! It’s an incredible time of exploration and discovery, as your child gains an increasing sense of self and understands the world around them.

We love encouraging children to expand the boundaries of their world one skip, hop, jump at a time.

Our dedicated team provides all the care and support your child needs for the best start to life. We are committed to creating an engaging environment for your child to explore and investigate new experiences. Trial and error make learning fun, and we’ll be with them every step of the way.

Engaging your child through play

The children in the Felice Room are vastly interested in new friendships, new vocabulary and longer sentences, emotional development and new physical skills. They are curious about science and grasping more about how things work, gardens and the natural environment and getting in there with their hands; e.g. looking after their vegie garden and feeding the worms in our Worm Café. Children also start to understand routines, take on increasing responsibilities for their actions and start to build positive social skills such as empathy and fairness.

At Bambini Early Learning and Preschool, all meals, nappies, sheets and hats are provided.

We know exactly how much fun play can be. We put play into everything!

We foster your child’s development through play-based learning. Our educators create a supportive environment that invites active engagement with open ended materials so your child can discover their world safely and independently.

Adding rest to recharge your child’s love for learning

While playing can be so much fun, your child still needs time to rest. Sleep and relaxation are an important part of their everyday routine.

Our educators are guided and trained to ensure your child is getting their best sleep in a safe and nurturing environment.

Inspiring your child’s mind

For over 14 years, Bambini Early Learning has set the foundation for enduring curiosity, lasting self-confidence and lifelong learning.

Our greatest passion is to inspire young minds and equip children with excellent academic, developmental and social skills. We tailor our programs to build resilience and adaptability for each child.

Our Bambini Curriculum implements the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) into our programs which strives to support your child’s language and cognitive, physical, social, emotional and creative development.

Learn more about our programs like Learning Italian, Friends of the Bush and Sustainability here.

Learning is beyond the classroom walls. Children are active participants in constructing their own knowledge, which will help them to become independent thinkers and confident leaders during preschool.

Our educators identify your child’s interests, strengths and challenges to set the foundation of their preschool early learning. We create a holistic and tailored preschool program that sets them up for success.

Whether your child is passionate about the arts, playing sports or reading stories, we strive to feed their love of learning and help them to become courageous and resilient role models.

Building resilient leaders of tomorrow

We are committed to building leaders of tomorrow. To do this, we equip your child with self-help skills, including learning how to follow instructions, listen to others and recognise emotions. From the moment they start at Bambini Early Learning, your child will learn how to navigate new challenges and adapt to different situations.

We feed their curiosity and help them to become creative, articulate and independent citizens of tomorrow.

Is your child ready to join us?

Our unique, tailored preschool programs will unlock your child’s potential in their most formative years. We are passionate about developing your child’s love for life and learning.

Enquire about our application process and learn how we can support your child’s preschool early learning.

“Let the child be the scriptwriter, the director and the actor in his own play.”

- Magda Gerber

Here’s what parents
have to say

Otis has been part of the Bambini family for three years. It is very evident the time and love the staff put into the interactions with the kids, including the way they’re greeted by name by all the team and the love our little boy has for his teachers. We love hearing the adventures of his day when Otis gets home.


We have been part of the Bambini family for over six years and are about to see our third and fourth children join the fun, while the other two head to big school! I cannot speak highly enough of the positive and fun play-based educational experiences our children have enjoyed over the years. All the staff show genuine love and kindness to the children and have unremitting enthusiasm when it comes to craft, creativity, crazy singing and dancing, gardening and outdoor play.


Our children have been lucky enough to attend Bambini for the last three years, and over this time we have watched them grow into happy pre-schoolers, engaged in learning and socially confident – ready to take on the world! Their caring and qualified staff care deeply for each individual child, they follow their interests and find exciting learning opportunities at every turn. Our children have forged friendships and strong bonds with their carers.


We have had such a wonderful, positive experience at Bambini. The staff and educators are always so friendly and go out of their way to help in any way they can. The educators have developed thoughtful and appropriate learning experiences for the children and our son has loved being part of the various incursions and special events.


We have been associated with Bambini since it opened its doors in 2008. The warm and engaging manner of the Director and staff on our first day set the tone for the next eight years. The staff are passionate and engaged with a clear interest in every child, and the centre is always orderly and clean amidst the colour and fun that goes on every day.


As working parents, Bambini has become an extension of our son’s day-to-day life. The educators provide fun, learning and cuddles in equal measure, and his development is thriving in this nurturing and trusted environment.


Both of my children have been in the care of the fantastic staff at Bambini, led by Anmol. It is a tough thing for any parent to leave their babies with someone else to care for them, but I can honestly say that Bambini is a great, safe and happy environment that has really helped shape both my boys in a positive manner. They have built lifelong friendships over the last seven years that we have been part of the Bambini family.


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