Sandra Felli, Founder

Sandra is a mother to two beautiful daughters, both of whom were in childcare full time at very young ages and are now both successful in their individual pursuits.

It was through her experiences Sandra developed a passion to provide all children the very best possible childcare, giving each child unconditional love, security and a family away from home, along with the highest quality education that inspires the child and creates a love of learning in continuum.

For Sandra, ‘inspiring young minds’ to create leaders of tomorrow is more than just learning. It’s setting the environment in which the security derived by a child through individual care, love, attention and fun creates confidence that engages the child to explore and learn.

We create such an environment, where educators and carers are highly respected for their passion and care of children, an environment that provides educators and carers continuous education, which in turn engages and inspires them to inspire the young minds that are Bambini.

It’s an environment where strong connectivity and support of parents and community develop the culture of Bambini and the depth of relationships between educators, carers and children.

Most importantly, it’s an environment in which young children and their educators have fun, laugh and are happy together!

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The Bambini Early Learning Programs

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(0-2 years)

We partner with families to follow your baby’s routine and help create a loving and warm environment.

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(3-4 years)

We are committed to creating an engaging environment as your little one embraces a love of learning.

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(2-3 years)

Our passionate team is dedicated to helping your child develop the confidence they need for life.

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(4-6 years)

We offer a holistic learning approach that gives your child the best chance at thriving at big school and beyond.

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