An Evening with Allied Specialists at Bambini of Lilyfield

Allied Specialists at Bambini

At this evening, allied professionals presented information to Bambini staff and families to support them in their work. Bambini Early Learning is an inclusive learning environment that believes that early intervention for children under the age of 5 years is important.

Research suggests that early intervention will have the biggest impact on a child’s development and progress. Early intervention does not just involve ‘treatment’ for the child, but also it provides education, support and guidance for families and educators to work in partnership together.

Bambini partnered with four of our local Allied Specialists.

These included:

  • Speech Pathologist Renae Nash from Nash Speech Pathology – Drummoyne
  • Psychologist Julie Co from Treehouse Clinic – Drummoyne
  • Audiologist – Heather Prentice – Innerwest Hearing
  • Occupational Therapist from Qualia Occupational Therapy for Children
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